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Damage to a residential roof threatens a home, family and property value. Whether the cause is related
to hail, wind or rain, you may be entitled to insurance coverage –
even full replacement. How is this possible? Hire a roof contractor with
an insurance background.


When a storm hits and damages
a commercial roof, it can be a financial disaster. Not only can it threaten to cause more damage
to the actual building, but it can
destroy your products and
equipment and slow down
employee productivity.

Welcome to bedrock Contracting, inc.

Our contracting company repairs and replaces residential and commercial roofing systems affected by storm damage. We will work directly with your insurance company and make sure that you get the full range of benefits that you are entitled to - according to your policy.

Insurance Assistance

Dealing with an insurance company, following a storm, can add further frustrations to an already stressful situation. Claim forms, documenting damages and gathering evidence to support a claim can be very time consuming and confusing, especially when you are worrying about taking care of your family or getting back to business.

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